Preliminary Site Assessments -

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  1. Identifying the site zone, precinct or neighbourhood plan, minimum lot size, building height, residential density, site area, overlays (including environmental, flood, heritage, landslide, etc) and identifying other site specific constraints such as vegetation, topography, existing infrastructure.

  2. Confirming the proposed land use and obtaining any existing approvals to determine the level of assessment (QLD - Accepted, Request for Change, Code or Impact OR NSW - Exempt, Complying, Modification or Development Consent).

  3. Identifying the immediate and surrounding land use patterns to assess whether the proposal will be supported by Council.

  4. Discussing the Preliminary Site Assessment outcomes with the client.

Preliminary Plan Assessments -

  1. Conducting an assessment of the concept plans against the applicable State and Local Planning Instruments to identify any Referral Agencies and proposed 'variations' to the Planning Provisions.

  2. Recommending any amendments to the concept plans to increase the changes of success and minimise the risk of receiving an Information Request.

  3. Identifying any additional reports which may be required for Council to complete their assessment (Landscape Intent Plan, Acoustic Report, etc).

  4. Arrange for Written Advice from Council or a Prelodgement Meeting if the proposal is considered to be 'high-risk'.

  5. Discussing the Preliminary Plan Assessment outcomes with the client.